Safe, Natural Hair Restoration

While there are a ton of options available for hair restoration today, not everyone is interested in a surgical procedure, like a hair transplant or hair plugs. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy effective, natural, and safe hair restoration, PRP hair restoration might very well be the perfect procedure for you. Dr. Hovsepian has extensive experience with this highly advanced procedure, and he’s been creating exemplary results for patients in Beverly Hills and all around the world. If you’re feeling frustrated by the presence of thinning hair, reach out and set up your consultation today and learn more about how Dr. Hovsepian can help you change your life for the better!

Am I the Ideal Candidate for PRP Hair Restoration?

When it comes to creating the ideal results that truly change lives, Dr. Hovsepian has earned a reputation for excellence, and he’ll learn everything there is to know about your personal cosmetic goals. No two patients are the same, so Dr. Hovsepian will help you explore your options before picking out the perfect procedure for you.

When hair loss begins to show up, it can be for any number of reasons. It's important to remember that at the early stages, hair loss can sometimes occur because the follicles have simply become injured or dormant. PRP hair restoration can kick-start these compromised follicles, enabling you to naturally re-grow thick, gorgeous hair.

Harness Your Body’s Healing Potential

Natural Restoration

Plenty of surgical procedures can restore lost hair, but few enable you to truly harness your body’s natural restorative potential the way PRP treatments do. Platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, is a compound that can be extracted from your very own blood. By drawing a small sample and running it through a centrifuge, we can isolate the platelet-rich plasma, which will then be ready to be injected into the treatment area.

Careful Injection

Dr. Hovsepian will inject the PRP into your scalp in a specific pattern for optimal results, to restore your natural hair patterns based on your goals and consultation. Once injected, the platelet-rich plasma goes to work restoring those dormant or compromised follicles, naturally encouraging your body to produce gorgeous, thick hair, all thanks to your own growth factors!

Impressive Results

After your treatment, you’ll feel some minor discomfort in the treatment area, but this will dissipate within a day or so, and can be managed with over-the-counter medications. Most patients start to see results appearing within six to eight weeks, and you’ll likely notice your full results within four to six months. We’ll talk you through everything you might need to know about this procedure and your amazing results.

Enjoy the Full Hair You Deserve

While Dr. Hovsepian is an expert with an impressive array of surgical procedures, he’s also here to help you with a number of minimally invasive ways to accomplish your cosmetic goals.

If you’re feeling frustrated with thinning hair but aren’t sure that a transplant or plugs are the way to go, reach out and set up your consultation with Dr. Hovsepian. He’ll help you to learn more about what PRP hair restoration can do for you today!

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