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We all know that diet and exercise are the keys to a fit body, but you’re not alone if you’ve felt frustrated by the presence of stubborn pockets of bulging fat that just won’t respond to your healthy lifestyle choices. Abdominoplasty in Beverly Hills with Dr. Hovsepian can flatten and shape the abdomen and waist by surgically sucking away excess fat and trimming unnecessary extra skin. At the same time, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian can tighten the muscles of your abdominal wall, creating a toned and shapely appearance.

By using a special technique to carefully tighten the underlying muscles, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian creates an "internal corset" effect, which results in a beautifully balanced waistline and abdominal silhouette. If you’re ready to learn more about Dr. Hovsepian’s tummy tuck in Beverly Hills, and if it's right for you,  reach out and set up your consultation at our Beverly Hills location today.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

A smooth, firm abdomen gives the whole body a look of fitness and vitality. As a plastic surgeon committed to staying at the forefront of the latest plastic surgery developments, Dr. Hovsepian will utilize his advanced surgical skills to:

  • Firm and flatten the midsection after weight loss or pregnancy
  • Restore the position of torn or sagging abdominal muscles
  • Tighten and smooth loose abdominal skin
  • Remove fatty deposits from the lower abdomen

Who Is a Good Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Adults who would like to achieve a tighter, more toned midsection could be good candidates for a tummy tuck. To be an ideal candidate for the procedure, you should meet the following requirements:

  • Be in good physical health
  • Be relatively close to your ideal weight
  • Have realistic expectations for the procedure
  • Be a non-smoker or willing to temporarily quit
  • Have the desire to achieve a slimmer, more toned abdomen
  • Have loose or excess skin around the midsection
  • Have no plans to become pregnant in the future

Before & After Tummy Tuck in Beverly Hills

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Planning Your Abdominoplasty Procedure

Raffi Hovsepian, M.D., is a skilled body contouring surgeon, and is passionate about providing natural, aesthetically pleasing results in every procedure. He will assess your body carefully, review your health history, and explain your options before crafting an individualized surgical plan focused on your needs. He’ll also go over his technique, and explain how he works to minimize incisions and reduce the presence of scarring after your procedure.

Sagging abdominal tissues can have a number of different causes, making customization and accuracy key factors in your successful tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Hovsepian’s extensive experience with a full range of body contouring techniques enable you to count on results that meet your cosmetic goals.

The Core Components of a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck in Beverly Hills has three different components, which Dr. Hovsepian can customize to fit your lifestyle and needs, so you can enjoy an ideal outcome. During your consultation, he’ll talk you through each step of the process, and help you understand everything you might need to know about this procedure.

Muscle Tightening

Weight fluctuations and childbearing can overstretch and tear the abdominal muscles. Dr. Hovsepian restores the muscles, or their fascial cover, by repairing them to their original position for a retightened contour.

Fat Removal

Many Beverly Hills patients will choose to combine a tummy tuck with liposuction (also sometimes known as liposculpture), for smoother results that show off their natural muscle tone and improve their waistline silhouette.

Skin Tightening

Muscle tightening and fat removal can create a tight and flat abdomen as well as a slimmer waistline, and Dr. Hovsepian can complement these results by tightening and trimming away excess skin that may remain.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty

For patients who have recently lost a significant amount of weight, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian may also recommend a circumferential abdominoplasty, belt lipectomy, or body lift. These procedures tighten loose skin at the hips, tummy, or thighs.

Diastasis Recti Correction

Sometimes pregnancy can result in a condition known as diastasis recti, which causes a gap in the abdominal muscles. This can result in something referred to as a "post-pregnancy pooch," which just won't go away, even with healthy eating and regular exercise. By tightening the abdominal muscles, this modified version of a tummy tuck can correct diastasis recti and resolve frustrating cosmetic issues.

Your Tummy Tuck Procedure

You’ll need to fast for eight hours before you arrive at our Beverly Hills surgery center, meaning you won’t be able to eat or drink anything at all during this period, including chewing gum or drinking water. If you have been instructed by Dr. Hovsepian to take any medications in the morning, this is permitted with a few sips of water.

Your tummy tuck in Beverly Hills will be performed under general anesthesia, and generally takes several hours. You can expect to spend extra time in the operating room if your procedure focuses on multiple areas. You’ll stay overnight at our fully accredited surgical center, where a "private duty" nurse will be available.

Your Tummy Tuck Consultation at RHMD

If you’re interested in undergoing a tummy tuck at RHMD, the first step will be to sit down for a consultation with Dr. Hovsepian. During this meeting, the doctor will discuss the procedure with you and talk to you about your aesthetic goals. He may also examine your abdominal area to determine if you’re a good fit for a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills. Additionally, Dr. Hovsepian will have questions about your health, medical history, allergies, and any medications you’re taking. If you decide to move forward with the procedure, the doctor will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that suits your unique needs.

What Is the Recovery Like After a Tummy Tuck?

After your tummy tuck in Beverly Hills, you’ll need a friend or family member to drive you home and, ideally, stay with you for the first couple of nights. Dr. Hovsepian will provide you with thorough recovery instructions, and it’ll be very important that you follow them closely.

You’ll want to rest frequently during the first week or two after the surgery, but you should start taking light walks around the house as soon as you feel up to it. Most patients are able to return to work and their normal routines after two to three weeks. For at least six weeks, you should refrain from strenuous physical activity or lifting anything that makes you strain.

What Results Can You Expect From Your Tummy Tuck?

You’ll likely be able to see improvements in the appearance of your abdomen immediately after your tummy tuck, but it will take some time for the full results to appear. For a while, the effects of the procedure will be obscured by swelling and your inability to stand up straight. You should be able to stand straight after a week or two, but it can take two to three months for the complete results of your tummy tuck to be visible.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your weight relatively stable, your tummy tuck results should last for many years, and they may even be permanent.

Tummy Tuck FAQs:

Can a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills help with stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear in the belly when the skin is unable to accommodate rapid expansion, as is common during pregnancy. Tummy tuck surgery can usually address stretch marks below the belly button. Those in other areas may require an alternative solution.

Is a tummy tuck procedure permanent?

Results after a tummy tuck are long-lasting and sustainable in the sense that excised skin and fat cells cannot return. The sutures used to tighten the abdominal muscles are also expected to remain in place indefinitely. Significant weight fluctuations can affect your cosmetic results, however, as can pregnancy.

How soon can I exercise after my tummy tuck?

Patients are typically cleared to resume normal exercise within 6-10 weeks. At that point, they can begin doing sit-ups, crunches, and planks, easing into their routines. Set realistic goals and listen to your body.

How long does a tummy tuck procedure take?

Abdominoplasty usually takes 3-4 hours to perform. The surgery alone takes 2.5 hours, and the remaining time is devoted to receiving anesthesia and post-operative care.

Will I need drains after my tummy tuck procedure?

Drains are sometimes placed after abdominoplasty to help escort excess blood and fluids out of the body, reducing swelling and inflammation. Without drains, fluid might accumulate in the body and lead to complications.

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