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with a Body Lift

A body lift procedure is similar to body contouring in that it removes excess skin and unsightly fat from the body. After a life event like significant weight loss from pregnancy, gastric surgery (such as Lap-Band), dieting, or aging, stretched-out skin can hang from the body, resulting in a somewhat disproportionate body appearance. It often appears as though the skin covering the body is too large for the new leaner frame. Additionally, fat deposits that may have remained, even despite weight loss in other parts of the body, can be unflattering.

A body lift surgery in Beverly Hills with Dr. Hovsepian can correct these issues, enabling you to enjoy the tight and toned physique that you know you deserve. If you’re ready to learn more about what a body lift can do for you, reach out and set up your consultation today!

The Ideal Body Lift Candidate

The ideal candidates for a body lift in Beverly Hills at Dr. Hovsepain's practice typically have loose, inelastic skin on many or most areas of the body as a result of significant weight loss. The abdomen, buttocks, and thighs are the most common areas treated, but many also choose to undergo an arm lift, thigh lift, breast lift, liposuction (liposculpture), and a buttock lift (buttock augmentation) to achieve a body shape that is specific to their desires. In some cases, for the safety and comfort of the patients, the procedures are performed in separate stages.

The Benefits of a Body Lift

The body lift tightens and tones the abdomen, back, buttocks, hips, and thighs. Additionally, an "auto-augmentation" of the buttocks may be performed. This procedure uses fat taken from another area of your own body to add fullness to the butt. When performing a body lift surgery, Beverly Hills' Dr. Hovsepian sets himself apart from his peers thanks to his insistence on a highly individualized experience for each and every patient. He’ll work closely with you to get to know your cosmetic goals and physical characteristics, designing a customized treatment plan that brings you in line with your ideal vision for yourself.

Raffi Hovsepian, MD

What a Body Lift Can Do for You

With years of experience under his belt, and a commitment to the most highly advanced surgical procedures, Dr. Hovsepian performs post weight loss surgery in Beverly Hills often and has earned a reputation for incredible body sculpting results. His patients love the body lift for its ability to:

  • Reshape the hips, abdomen, back, buttocks, flanks, and thighs in one procedure
  • Alleviate the emotional discomfort and rashes associated with excess skin
  • Create a tighter, more flattering, and more toned-looking physique
  • Restore self-confidence and body image after significant weight loss

Planning Your Procedure

Trusted by his patients for his advanced surgical skills and sense of aesthetic balance, Dr. Hovsepian understands the questions and concerns that come along with post-bariatric plastic surgery. He’ll carefully and thoroughly evaluate your physical characteristics and health history, and get to know your body enhancement desires before making a recommendation to meet your goals. Deciding on where to receive body lift surgery in Beverly Hills has never been easier. Dr. Hovsepian will ensure you get the results you expect and prides himself on his bedside manner and thoroughness.

In most cases, a body lift focuses mainly on creating a tighter body shape by removing excess skin, but the reality is that most patients require a more bespoke approach that will include aspects of one or multiple procedures. The basic approaches to body lift include:

Body Lift with Liposuction

Loose skin is an unwelcome reminder of past weight problems, and for many patients, isolated areas of diet-resistant fat only add to the problem. For smoother, firmer results, Dr. Hovsepian may recommend you also receive liposuction to remove fat from problem spots such as the hips, flanks, pubic area, or abdomen. Combining these procedures can enable you to enjoy an even more toned appearance.

Body Lift with Tummy Tuck

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures patients receive after weight loss is a body lift with a tummy tuck, or a "circumferential abdominoplasty." This procedure creates extensive improvements to the entire lower body in one fell swoop. By extending the tummy tuck incision around the body, Dr. Hovsepian can smooth the hips, flanks, buttocks, and upper thighs while re-tightening loose abdominal muscles.

Body Lift with Breast Augmentation

As a plastic surgeon experienced in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery techniques, Dr. Hovsepian is qualified in combining the body lift with a breast lift, breast augmentation, or both. While the body lift is perfect for creating a toned and svelte silhouette, a breast augmentation can go even further towards creating the curvy, well-proportioned body that you desire. Ask Dr. Hovsepian of Beverly Hills, body lift options with breast augmentation during your consultation.

Raffi Hovsepian, MD

Extended Tummy Tuck

Your body lift may include an extended tuck instead of a traditional tummy tuck. In addition to reducing excess skin and fat on the stomach, an extended tummy tuck targets the flank area, or love handles, between the waist, hips, and upper thigh. Extended tummy tucks also repair muscles that have become loosened or torn.

An extended tummy tuck is quite similar to a standard tummy tuck. These procedures produce the same results, which tighten the abdominal region and remove excess skin and fat. The defining difference between the two procedures is the incision.

A standard tummy tuck uses an incision along the bikini line that extends hip to hip and around the belly button. For an extended tummy tuck, Dr. Raffi creates an incision extending from the hips to the back, tightening the waistline. The skin is laid flat, and the belly button is reattached, making a smoother, flatter appearance for a more shapely silhouette.

Another difference between the tummy tuck techniques would be candidacy. Generally, patients who undergo a standard tummy tuck have had children or quickly lost a significant amount of weight. Alternatively, patients who undergo an extended tummy tuck have excessively saggy skin hanging down their abdominal region and waistline.

Body Lift Surgery

A Highly Trained Team

Your safety, surgical success, and comfort are a top priority for Dr. Hovsepian, so he and his highly trained team remain committed to providing you with the highest quality of surgical care. They’ll meet with you before your procedure to address any follow-up questions and clarify any details about your recovery before surgery.

The Day of Your Surgery

You’ll need to begin fasting about eight hours prior to your procedure, which means you cannot eat or drink anything at all during this period, including chewing gum or drinking water. If you have been instructed by Dr. Hovsepian to take any medications in the morning, this is permitted with a few sips of water.

Your Procedure

When receiving post weight loss surgery, Beverly Hills' Dr. Hovsepian will perform it under general anesthesia, meaning you’ll be asleep and feel nothing during surgery. The surgery itself generally takes several hours depending on the number of areas treated during surgery, with the procedure time depending on the extent and nature of the treatment area.

Schedule Your Consultation

An experienced body contouring surgeon, Dr. Hovsepian’s goal is to comfortably provide you with the best possible care while utilizing the most innovative advancements in plastic surgery to help you reach your ideal body lift results. He and his team will work closely with you to ensure that we’re meeting your goals and truly changing your life for the better.

If you’re ready to enjoy a toned, tight appearance, Dr. Hovsepian and his team are excited to hear from you! Reach out and set up your consultation for a body lift in Beverly Hills at his surgery center, and take those first important steps on your cosmetic journey today.

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