Exploring the Benefits of Non-Invasive Procedures with Dr. Raffi Hovsepian: Achieving Results That Look Naturally Beautiful

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Botox® Cosmetic has been used since the 70’s for the treatment of various conditions that involve muscle spasm. By the early 90’s the benefits for the treatment of facial wrinkles was recognized and today the injection of Botox® Cosmetic has rapidly become the most frequent nonsurgical anti-aging aesthetic procedure performed. Botox® Cosmetic can be the key for prevention of facial lines and muscular contractions.


Dysport® is very similar to Botox® Cosmetic. Although the term “Botox” has become synonymous with the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles, Dysport® is used just like Botox® Cosmetic and has the same treatment indications. For those who want the results of Botox® without the wait, Dr. Hovsepian offers Dysport® injections for the correction of dynamic wrinkles. Dysport® softens the appearance of frown lines, forehead furrows and crow’s feet, in as little as 1-2 days, for a younger look that may last up to 6 months or longer.


If you’ve found yourself frustrated by the presence of fine lines, wrinkles, or other early signs of facial aging, you’re absolutely not alone. But did you know that you can effectively address these issues without having to deal with an invasive surgical procedure, or any significant recovery period, thanks to injectable treatments like Xeomin®?

Specialized Filler Treatments

While Dr. Hovsepian has earned a reputation for incredible, elegant surgical results, he also prides himself in his ability to offer a number of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures. These specialized filler treatments can enable you to enjoy impressive results, without having to deal with the recovery period or downtime that comes with a traditional surgical procedure.


Facial rejuvenation is one of Dr. Hovsepian’s specialties, but not everyone wants to undergo an invasive surgical procedure. Dr. Hovsepian is proud to offer Sculptra®, which creates incredible results without the need for a surgical procedure, or the recovery period that comes with it.


Juvéderm® is a dermal filler composed primarily of hyaluronic acid. This is a substance already found in the human body that acts to provide volume to our skin. Juvéderm® represents one of the most commonly used dermal fillers on the market. Juvéderm®, a smooth gel dermal filler, is used to instantly smooth away moderate facial wrinkles and folds, perioral lines such as smoker’s lines, prejowl areas, cheeks, under eyes and lips. One treatment from Dr. Hovsepian can give you smooth and natural-looking results lasting up to a year.


Restylane® is a safe dermal filler that is used to add volume to the skin and correct facial wrinkles and folds like the folds that occur from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth (nasolabial fold). Restylane® is a biodegradable, non-animal based, hyaluronic acid used as a dermal filler to restore volume and fullness to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that already exists in the human body. Restylane® is completely biocompatible and, among all dermal fillers used today, has one of the longest track records for being safe.


Radiesse® is a safe skin filler commonly used today. It’s a synthetic filler and not a hyaluronic acid filler, which is biologic. Radiesse® is composed of very tiny, smooth calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres in a gel carrier. Calcium hydroxylapatite is biocompatible and has been used extensively as an implant in other areas of medicine. It is the primary mineral component of our teeth and bones. Radiesse® is a temporary dermal filler like Restylane® and Juvéderm®.

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