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Pre-Baby Body

Most commonly, a mommy makeover in Beverly Hills is performed in one stage and consists of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), and breast enhancement with implants (breast augmentation). However, a mommy makeover can also include other procedures such as a breast lift (mastopexy); breast reduction (reduction mammaplasty); and liposuction of the abdomen, hips, thighs, and back. Each mommy makeover is unique and is tailored to your individual needs.

Who Is A Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

If you’ve found yourself feeling frustrated with your body after childbirth and nursing, you’re not alone. While many women have an easy time getting back to that pre-baby body, some of us might notice that stubborn areas aren’t responding to healthy habits, like regular diet and consistent exercise.

During your consultation at our Beverly Hills surgical center, we’ll talk through your options, help you decide whether or not the mommy makeover is the right choice for you. We’ll also help you pick out exactly which adjustments will unite you with the goals of your dreams, for the best mommy makeover Beverly Hills has to offer. 

Mommy Makeover Before & Afters

What Are the Benefits of a Mommy Makeover?

  • Improve the appearance of breasts that have been stretched by pregnancy and nursing
  • Restore a firm, flat appearance to the abdomen
  • Eliminate isolated areas of fat from the thighs, tummy, hips, and other trouble spots
  • Renew your self-confidence and restore a positive self-image

Patient TestimonialMommy Makeover

Rose came to Dr. Hovsepian for a Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills, which included: Laser Liposuction, Tummy Tuck and Chin Augmentation. Learn more about Rose's journey with Dr. Raffi Hovsepian.

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Customize Your Mommy Makeover

Dr. Hovsepian will work with you to determine what procedures can get you back to loving your body completely, as every woman’s body is unique. We’re here with a wide array of cosmetic options that’ll help you achieve your goals.

Like Dr. Hovsepian’s mommy makeover, these procedures will not only dramatically improve how you look and feel, but the whole process is actually a bit easier than you might think!

Dr. Raffi Hovsepian will personalize your surgical plan using innovative techniques that minimize your recovery time, allowing you to enjoy incredible results while returning to your life and family in a relatively speedy manner.

Every mommy makeover treatment is customized based on the unique needs and aesthetic preferences of the patient.

That said, there are a handful of procedures that are commonly included in our mommy makeover in Beverly Hills:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Liposuction
  • Arm lift
  • Thigh lift
  • Vaginal rejuvenation

Mommy Makeover Surgery


and Clarity

Before your mommy makeover surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian and his skilled team will meet with you to answer any questions you may have, and make sure you understand your procedure and recovery thoroughly. Safety, privacy, and excellence in care are our goals, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout your experience.

Your Preparation

You’ll need to begin fasting eight hours prior to your procedure, which means you won't be able to eat or drink anything at all during this period, including chewing gum or drinking water. If you have been instructed by Dr. Hovsepian to take any medications in the morning, this is permitted with a few sips of water.

The Procedure

A mommy makeover is performed under general anesthesia. You can expect an overnight stay at a fully accredited surgical center, where a "private duty" nurse is available. The surgery itself generally takes several hours depending on the number of areas focused on during surgery.

Planning Your Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills

Upon arriving to the facility, mommy makeover patients are seen by Dr. Hovsepian and receive a personalized treatment plan, enabling him to address the unique way in which motherhood has affected their bodies.

He is skilled in body contouring and breast enhancement surgery and will maximize your improvements while ensuring a natural look.

While body contouring and breast enhancement procedures are popular with many mothers, some women also include facial procedures like a mini-facelift or eyelid surgery. Even non-surgical BOTOX® Cosmetic can be helpful, treating the fine lines that can develop with motherhood. A mommy makeover enables patients to maximize their downtime by combining several procedures with only a single recovery period.

Your Mommy Makeover Consultation

The consultation process is an excellent time for you to get to know Dr. Raffi Hovsepian better and for him to formulate your individualized treatment plan. He will answer your questions in depth, going over the risks and benefits of the procedure, the recovery process, and the costs. Dr. Hovsepian will provide you with before and after photographs and help you to form realistic expectations for your results. He will perform a physical evaluation and a thorough review of your medical history in order to ensure a mommy makeover in Beverly Hills is the correct approach for your goals.

Your Mommy Makeover Results

After a mommy makeover in Beverly Hills, you’ll enjoy increased energy and stamina, a more youthful, attractive physique, and increased self-confidence. Clothes will fit better, and you’ll find that you feel more like your old self. Many women report that their figures look even better than before pregnancy and nursing, thanks to Dr. Raffi’s intrepid skills and painstaking attention to detail.

Recovery from a Mommy Makeover

Recovery is different for each individual, which is why Dr. Hovsepian will provide a personalized aftercare plan with unique instructions for you to follow. The length of your recuperation will depend on the number of procedures you underwent and on their complexity. The most invasive procedure will dictate the overall recovery time, which is usually tummy tuck surgery.

Clients can expect to return to work in about 2 weeks, provided they have sedentary jobs. Vigorous exercise and heavy lifting will be postponed until around 6 weeks post-op.

Aftercare following your Mommy Makeover

Immediately after surgery, clients will be sent home with a friend or family member who should assist them with basic tasks and childcare for the first 24 hours. Dr. Hovsepian will provide prescription painkillers along with compression garments to minimize postoperative swelling. As long as you’re taking pain medications, you will not be permitted to drive. Most patients transfer to using NSAIDs (Advil or Motrin) after their first week.

You are advised to sleep on your side or your back after abdominoplasty. Many patients choose to sleep in a recliner, as this bent position will best support the waist as it heals.

Why Choose Dr. Raffi for Your Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Raffi Hovsepian is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon known for his technical skill, artistic vision, and commitment to excellence. For your mommy makeover, you need a surgeon who understands your unique needs and will go the extra mile to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Raffi will work closely with you to devise a treatment plan that’s custom-tailored to your situation and your desired appearance. He and his team take great pride in helping patients enhance their natural beauty with safe, state-of-the-art treatments. Dr. Raffi’s patients have frequently praised him for his kindness, compassion, and trustworthiness, all of which are qualities that you’ll experience firsthand during your mommy makeover treatment.

Raffi Hovsepian, MD

Book Your Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills Today!

Dr. Hovsepian’s aim is to provide you with the best possible care while utilizing the most innovative advancements in plastic surgery to help you reach your mommy makeover goals.

Please contact Dr. Hovsepian and set up a consultation at his office to discuss how he can support you in improving your post-pregnancy body with your customized mommy makeover in Beverly Hills.

Mommy Makeover FAQs:

How long does the procedure take?

Typically, a mommy makeover will take between three and six hours to complete. However, the length of the treatment will depend entirely on the specifics of your treatment plan.

Are all procedures performed at once?

Usually, all of the procedures of a mommy makeover will be performed in a single surgery session. However, there are times when a second session is required to complete the treatment.

Should I wait until I’m done having children for my mommy makeover?

If you want to maintain the results of your mommy makeover, it’s best to wait until you’re done having children to undergo the treatment. That said, it is entirely safe to have a child after you’ve had a mommy makeover.

When can I resume normal activities and exercise?

You can usually resume light activities within a few weeks, but strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Your surgeon will give you specific guidelines based on your progress during follow-up appointments.

Do you have to be a mother to get a mommy makeover?

No. Any woman who is looking to restore her previous figure after experiencing bodily changes can potentially get a mommy makeover. In addition to pregnancy, these kinds of changes are frequently caused by aging, genetics, certain medical conditions, and weight fluctuations.

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