Like other fillers, fat injections work by adding volume to restore depleted areas of the body and to fill wrinkles. Unlike all other fillers, the injected fat cells are nourished by the body and become living permanent tissue. Fat transfer is not a replacement for other procedures like facelifts.

For instance patients with loose skin and sagging tissues will need a facelift but fat injections can be used at the same time to add volume, if necessary, providing a much better result. Chemical or laser skin resurfacing can be added as well to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Raffi Hovsepian, M.D., has a broad understanding of the full range of advanced treatments available from surgical procedures to fillers and skin resurfacing. After a thorough evaluation and an understanding of your goals, Dr. Hovsepian can determine what combinations of treatments are right for you.

A safe, natural tissue filler, fat transfer can be used anywhere in the body. For facial rejuvenation, fat injections are used to fill various lines like those from the nose to the corner of the mouth (nasolabial folds) or provide volume to sunken cheeks or depressions below the eyes. Fat can also be used to change facial contours as with lip augmentation. Other than the face, fat is also used for hand rejuvenation, buttock augmentation, and filling in various contour deformities. Examples of these include deep scars, post-liposuction indentations, and other forms of traumatic tissue loss.

Safely achieving natural looking results individualized to meet each patient’s unique aesthetic enhancement goals is Dr. Hovsepian primary focus. He strives to exceed the highest standards for ethical, skilled plastic surgery care and emphasizes the importance of a comfortable and caring patient experience. Learn more how fat transfer techniques can support you in meeting your body contour goals, request your consultation online or schedule an appointment by telephone.

Fat Transfer:

  • A safe and natural body enhancement protocol
  • A filler for treating wrinkles, facial, hand rejuvenation and buttock augmentation
  • Restores depleted areas of the body
  • Provides volume to sunken cheeks, deep eye depressions, and lip augmentation
  • Emphasizes a tighter, firmer, and more flattering body silhouette

Planning Your Procedure

Trusted for his refined aesthetic sense and high standards of surgical accuracy, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian has a passion for achieving aesthetically pleasing results for every patient, from "straightforward" cases to some of the most challenging ones. In your body contouring consultation he will listen to your body contouring desires, take into account your health history and develop a surgical plan customized fully according to your unique needs.

Fat Transfer Surgery

Prior to your body contouring procedure, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian and his helpful, experienced team will meet with you to answer any questions you may have to make sure you understand your procedure and recovery thoroughly. Safety, privacy, comfort, and excellence in treatment with trusting compassionate care is the assurance of Dr. Hovsepian’s patient experience.

Before coming into the Beverly Hills surgery center, you will need to begin fasting 8 hours prior to your procedure, which means you cannot eat or drink anything at all during this period, including chewing gum or drinking water.

If you have been instructed by Dr. Hovsepian to take any medications in the morning, this is permitted with a few sips of water. Body contouring surgery utilizing fat transfer is usually performed under general anesthesia which means you will be asleep and feel nothing during surgery. The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, but some patients prefer an overnight stay. Out-of-town patients may stay in a near-by aftercare facility or hotel, where a "private duty" nurse is available. The length of surgery depends on how many areas will be focused on during the procedure. Afterward, you will return to your home, aftercare facility or hotel conveniently located a short distance from the surgical center.

Schedule a Consultation

A skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Hovsepian’s goal is to provide you with the best possible care while utilizing the most innovative advancements in plastic surgery to help you reach your body enhancement goals. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Hovsepian in his Beverly Hills office to discuss how he can support you in achieving your goals today. Request your consultation online or schedule an appointment by telephone.

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