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The early signs of facial aging can be a frustrating fact of life. Nobody likes to see those fine lines or wrinkles start to show up, or the loss of facial volume that can sometimes come along with them.

At the same time, not everyone is interested in a full-on surgical procedure, or the recovery period and downtime that comes along with it. Facial fat transfer is safe, natural, and helps you enjoy impressive results without requiring that you take too much time away from your daily routine. Reach out and set up your consultation to learn more about this procedure today.

How Can Facial Fat Transfer Help Me?

Facial fat transfer is a great way to address mild to moderate signs of facial aging, with fat that’s harvested from your very own body. This fat is then strategically relocated to the treatment area, where it can be used to address a number of facial issues. Since this procedure doesn’t use any artificial fillers or implants, it’s completely safe, and can produce impressive results, with a relatively minimal recovery period.

You’re likely a great candidate for facial fat transfer if you’re looking to address:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Lost volume
  • Hollows under eyes
  • Sagging skin

How Does Facial Fat Transfer Work?


Liposuction will be used to harvest fat from a donor site on your body, which enables you to trim down a troublesome area where extra fat might not be responding to a healthy diet or regular exercise. The fat will be suctioned out with a tool called a cannula.


Once it’s removed, the fat will be purified, and then carefully injected into the treatment area. It helps to add volume, smoothing over fine lines and wrinkles and correcting any sagging or hollowing that might have taken place.

Minimal Recovery

Your recovery period will be minimal, and Dr. Hovsepian will work to keep your liposuction scarring minimal, so you can be back on your feet in no time at all. He will discuss your recovery details with you before your procedure.

Set Up Your Consultation Today

Dr. Hovsepian and his incredible surgical team are here to help eliminate mild to moderate signs of facial aging with advanced, minimally invasive solutions. Facial fat transfer is a completely safe and natural way to enjoy impressive results with a reduced downtime.

To learn more about how this procedure can refresh and rejuvenate your facial appearance, reach out and set up your consultation with Dr. Hovsepian at our Beverly Hills location today.

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