During your private consultation with Dr. Hovsepian he will help you feel at ease, build a trusting confidence with his expertise, listen to your concerns, address your plastic surgery questions and provide professional advice on achieving your aesthetic enhancement goals. Dr. Hovsepian will provide you a comprehensive evaluation and aims to enhance your unique and natural beauty by providing you with an individualized procedure treatment option. He ensures your privacy and safety, while making sure you leave the consultation feeling confident and informed about your options.

Your experience will be followed up with Dr. Hovsepian’s Aesthetic Coordinators. They will assist you in scheduling your surgery date, answer questions, provide pre-operation and post-operation assistance and follow up. It is recommended that you download and complete our new patient forms and bring them with you on the day of your appointment. If you would like to meet with Dr. Hovsepian and learn more about how he can support you in achieving your personal aesthetic goals, request your consultation online or schedule by telephone.

Virtual Consultation

During your private consultation with Dr. Hovsepian, he will help you feel at ease, build a trusting confidence with his expertise, listen to your concerns, address your plastic surgery questions and provide professional advice on achieving your aesthetic enhancement goals. Dr. Hovsepian will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation and aims to enhance your unique and natural beauty by providing you with the best individualized procedure treatment options. He ensures your privacy and safety, while making sure that you leave the consultation feeling confident about your options.

Most operations require an initial visit for the consultation; however, for out of town and international patients, consultations can start over the phone or as a virtual online or video consultation. Based on your aesthetic enhancement needs and type of procedure, Dr. Hovsepian will evaluate if this is an appropriate option in providing the best possible care. Please contact our office and let us know you are interested in a Virtual Consultation or use the form below.

Raffi Hovsepian, MD

The following tips will help guide you though a thorough plastic surgery consultation.

  • Do your best to book your consultation on a day where you will be able to set aside 60 minutes to be in our office. We want to be sure to give you a sufficient amount of time to have the doctor answer all of your questions.
  • Prepare yourself with essential information on your procedure of interest. There are many educational videos and information on our website to do so. This will maximize the efficiency of your time being spent, and allow such time to be devoted to your particular questions of interest.
  • Focus solely on the procedures you want to have done in the near future.
  • Create a list of specific questions or concerns to discuss with Dr. Hovsepian, as it can provide some desired direction for your conversation. For more thorough results, have follow up questions ready. This way, you can leave the consultation with as much information as possible.
  • Bring along photographs of similar results you would like to achieve. This may mean photos of you when you were younger, before you had kids, or of models in magazines or catalogs. These photos will assist Dr. Hovsepian to better understand your aesthetic goals and facilitating the necessary steps to achieve the look you desire.
  • Patients who seek facial rejuvenation procedures should bring in photos of his or herself from a time when they felt the most radiant to get the most natural result. Dr. Hovsepian further recommends bringing in photographs, if you are a female, of your mother, or if you are a male, of your father, for hereditary comparisons.
  • Breast augmentation patients are recommended to bring in bras or swimsuit tops to assist Dr. Hovsepian in better predicting the desired future size of your breast implant surgery.
  • Come in with a supportive friend or family member if the both of you are able and willing. Not only will their presence make you feel more comfortable, but they also serve as another source for questions. Additionally, your accompanying person will have a better sense of what to expect during your recovery.
  • Although children are always welcome, we advise you not to bring them. We consistently hear from patients who bring their children in that they wished they hadn’t because they made it difficult to focus on the discussion.
  • Before your appointment, we will mail out your new patient intake forms or you can download them from our website. It is advised that they be completed beforehand to save time once you arrive at the office.
  • If you think the procedure you are considering may be covered by your health insurance, such as a breast reduction or a septo-rhinoplasty it would be beneficial for you to contact your insurance carrier to verify that your procedure of interest is in fact covered, or medically necessary. If you can, bring any forms sent to you by the insurance company. It saves significant time and gives us the opportunity to submit your claim to your insurance company quicker and more efficiently.
  • Understand that there may be needed lab work or tests to proceed with the surgery. All patients over the age of 60 must have an EKG, while all breast surgery patients over 35 must have a mammogram. If you would like to have the surgery soon after your consultation, it is a good idea to schedule those prior to the appointment.
  • Write down your current medications and allergies, if any. Provide Dr. Hovsepian with a copy of your medication list for your medical records.
  • If you are coming in for a corrective surgery, and have medical records from that previous surgery. Be prepared ahead of time with possible surgery dates and a surgical deposit to hold your date.
  • If you are interested in financing your procedure, you can visit our website under ‘Financing’ to complete the online application and for information regarding such loans.
  • Think about surgery dates and about time that you may need to take off of work.
  • For visiting or out-of-state patients, Dr. Hovsepian lists valuable travel and hotel accommodation information on our website www.rhmd.com.


Do I need a consultation?

A consultation is the essential first step in your desire to refine, restore or enhance your appearance, whether surgically or through non-surgical treatments. It is mutually beneficial for you and Dr. Hovsepian to meet, discuss your goals and to ask questions, so that he may individually recommend your best treatment options and the resulting outcomes.

What happens during a consultation?

Your consultation generally begins with an introduction to our practice by a member of our staff, and a general history and discussion of your goals.

You will then meet Dr. Hovsepian for a complete and personalized evaluation. He will offer individualized recommendations regarding the best treatment options available to you.

The consultation concludes with extra time for answering any questions and providing you with the information you may need to make a completely confident, well-informed decision. You may schedule your procedure if you elect to undergo treatment.

Do I need to schedule my surgery at my consultation?

No. You may schedule surgery at any time that is appropriate for you, whether at the time of your consultation or at any appropriate time in the future. Surgeon fees presented at your consultation are valid for 3 months from the date of your consultation. Surgery center, anesthesia or recovery fees may change.

What if I have questions after my consultation?

You may contact our office and Aesthetic Coordinator at any time after your consultation with questions. If necessary you may schedule a second consultation.

Must I undergo photographs?

Photographs are an important part of your patient record and also serve as a reference throughout the course of your care. You will sign a specific consent for photographs that allows you to elect whether those photographs remain a fully private part of your patient record, or whether you will allow Dr. Hovsepian to use these for educational and research purposes. If you are coming for a facial consultation, please keep makeup to a minimum so Dr. Hovsepian can better evaluate your natural appearance both before and after surgery.

May a family member or friend accompany me to my consultation?

Yes, you may choose to bring a family member or friend to support you during your consultation.

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