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Deep Plane Face and Neck Lift by Triple Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Raffi Hovsepian.

This 60-year-old male patient underwent Dr. Hovsepian's advanced deep plane facelift with jawline contouring and full neck lift technique.  

The objective of this case was to:

1. Create a natural, youthful male-looking facial silhouette without the tell-tale signs of plastic surgery.
2. Avoid feminization of his own natural male facial features. 
3. Bring out his natural genetic and skeletal appearance without distorting it. 
4. Sculpt his jawline without a cartoon-like over-pulled appearance. 
5. Aesthetically blend the midface, face, jawline, and neckline to have harmony amongst all aesthetic units with a natural transition versus a jagged or overdone transition far too often seen in the industry of deep plane face lifting.

7. To make sure his natural male aesthetic lines are noticed.
8. Create a natural midfacial volume that will hold its beauty and masculinity through time and not fall into the overfilled or over-pulled midface concept seen in the plastic surgery industry. 
9. Keeping the incisions in a traditional hidden approach without the current techniques of elongated and extended incisions up to the temple region seen by the current techniques of the “extended” or “vertical lift” deep plane facelift techniques, which can affect one’s brow, orbital, and hairline regions resulting in a swept back or over pulled look. These areas are of no concern for this patient. He was afraid of too much change and an overdone appearance where his family, friends, and business associates would not be able to recognize him.

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